In Moscow opened a monument to the outstanding educator of the XVIII century

At the end of October was opened a monument to the outstanding Russian educator, journalist and public figure Nikolay Ivanovich Novikov.

The bust took his place in the courtyard of the all-Russian State Library of Foreign Literature named after Rudomino among the monuments reminding us of other prominent personalities. "Nikolay Ivanovich was not a revolutionary or military leader, says the sculptor, honored worker of culture of Ivan Korzhev. - On the contrary - he was distinguished for his philanthropy. He managed to turn the idea of the formation in Russia of Catherine's era. Novikov translated and published wonderful books by foreign authors and made them available to ordinary people free of charge sent out literature, including textbooks, throughout the country. Alas, philanthropy Novikov came to be perceived as a threat. A few years of his life, this man spent in prison. My work is a tribute to the merits of this noble man."