A monument in Kaluga region

Tombstones erected at Kaluga cemetery make up a memorial complex. It consists of three parts, the central of which is a tall and massive Orthodox cross on a pedestal. This monument is made of black granite. In the central part, on white granite, there is a carved face of the patron saint accompanying the deceased to the other world and protecting his soul from torment.

Monuments made of white marble frame the cross from both sides. Creating a color contrast, they symbolize the purity of the soul of the deceased and the cherished memory that his loved ones keep. The left slab is larger, a portrait of the deceased is carved on it, with an inset of black granite containing the name and years of life in golden letters.

The right slab is slightly smaller, but is made of the same white granite, in the same manner. With the same golden letters, an epitaph is carved on it. To give special entourage to this monument, both slabs of white granite remain unpolished on external sides. The whole complex of monuments is installed on granite covering, in which two spots are left for flowerbeds.