A monument in Orel

Along with tombstones of granite and marble, there is a technique of creating monuments in art forging technology. In this style it was decided to make a monument at the cemetery in Orel.

This monument is in the shape of a large wrought Orthodox cross. As the basis of the structure there is a kind of "framework" for the cross, made of a large cross-section wire. Inside this frame is filled with patterns made by art forging method and embodied in the style of natural, plant motifs, namely - flexible vines with tender leaves.

In the center of the cross there is a circle made of metal of the same thickness as the frame. There are two letters inside it - initials and last name of the deceased, made in same way, with the help of artistic forging from a thinner wire.

Despite the fact that the main artistic element in this monument is a forged cross, an element of the granite monument is present here: the cross is mounted on a black high granite pedestal. The name of the deceased and her years of life are engraved on it.