A monument in Zelenograd

A sculptural monument erected at the cemetery of Zelenograd. It is a tombstone consisting of a high granite pedestal on which a high Orthodox cross is placed. Near the cross a sculpture of a knelt angel sits on a pedestal.

This monument is symbolic as it is devoted to the sculptor who during his life created no less beautiful and exclusive sculptures. It's kind of a tribute for the work done by the deceased, giving beauty and creating masterpieces from conventional materials.

This monument belongs to the category of "author's tombstones." It is made-to-order in a single item, especially for the burial. Design of the monument was created with regard to the character and profession of the deceased during his lifetime, and in accordance with the wishes of his family and friends. Sorrow displayed on the face of an angel transmits all the pain and grief of the relatives who lost a loved one. The sculpture is made with exquisite detail. Everything is thoroughly made, down to each "feather" in the wings of the angel. This allowed to show the whole entourage and convey emotions on a stone sculpture of an angel face.