A monument to Leonid Sorochan

A monument to Leonid Sorochan is installed at Vagankovsky cemetery in Moscow. Like many author's tombstones, it is created from several types of material:
- Granite slab,
- Marble,
- Bronze,
- Tempered glass.

The monument is a complex structure, the foundation of which is made of a dark granite slab engraved with inscriptions on it. The second main part is made of tempered glass and is located just behind the granite slab as if it is its weightless sequel. There is a photograph on it. The color photo is clearly seen in the lumen through a hole in the granite slab. The complex construction of the monument is complemented by marble columns with capitals of the Corinthian order and two bronze vases on each side of it.

The monument belongs to the category of "exclusive tombstones" and its design represents a dilapidated structure of a Greek construction. It combines thoroughness expressed in natural stones and ease inherent in transparent glass.

The design of the monument is symbolic: just like the destroyed part leaves a trail of weightless glass constructions, the deceased, as well as his work, have not been forgotten for centuries. After all, he was the founder of the resort "Sorochany" near Moscow, as well as the author of many other good things.