Exclusive monuments

This is an exclusive monument created in memory of a man who died prematurely. Erected in 1998, it represents a construction inspired by Michelangelo's Pieta. On the pedestal of this complex sculpture, words of a mother's epitaph to her son who left this world prematurely are carved.

The project is a large-scale construction - an exclusive monument - which was based on a sculpture in which a mother mourns the early death of her son. The sculpture is created with the exact portrait likeness.

The sculpture of a grieving mother holding the body of her dead son in her lap was made from bronze and surrounded by black granite. The decision to order a sculpture on the tomb was the epitome of mother's desire to perpetuate the memory of a young man who left this world too early. Behind the sculpture there is a wide granite slab, and on both sides of it there are columns of the same dark granite. Two large flowerpots on both sides of the memorial, also made of same black granite, complement the composition. Names of those buried in the memorial complex are carved on a granite ledge formed in a shape of a large book.

The height of the monument is 3.2 meters.