Family grave

A large family grave representing an ensemble of monuments of different shapes and sizes. The main materials of which monuments are made are black granite and shoksha (crimson quartzite).

The client decided to order the grave project representing an ensemble consisting of five separate tombstones. The biggest one of them has the height of 2.7 meters. This is a solid structure consisting of two parts: a granite plate with a photograph and a massive  shoksha "frame" with the name of the deceased carved, located at some distance from the granite stone.

The second largest headstone is also made of a combination of granite and shoksha. A large monument with a "penetrating" cross through its center is made of black granite. Shoksha is used as a pedestal and for the decoration of a granite plate.

The complex consists of a few tombstones made of black granite, smaller in size. Also there is a table with benches. This family burial headstone is framed by a wall of black granite with decorative overlays of shoksha.