Gravestone at Alexeyevsky cemetery in Moscow

A gravestone located at Alexeyevsky cemetery is performed in a non-standard style of modern monuments. It is a huge uncut stone, on which plates with the name and an epitaph are fixed, and on top of which there is an Orthodox cross.

The tombstone project on the one hand is simple, on the other contains a deep meaning. Installed on a tomb of a Russian artist, it is symbolic and characterizes the diversity of the profession that creates masterpieces out of nothing. In addition, the size of this tombstone symbolizes the great contribution that the deceased has left behind, and also how important his art was to others and he himself to his friends and relatives.

The grave is paved with stone over the entire area, which coincides with the structure of the tomb. It creates a unified concept of the whole burial. The tomb is enclosed by fencing with chains and forging elements.

The style of this burial may be called “majestic simplicity”. There is nothing unnecessary and complex, but at the same time there is massiveness and solidity, power and strength.