Gravestone at Mitinsky cemetery

This tombstone is a non-standard order: there aren't many monuments of this kind. It is designed as a tombstone on which a grieving angel is sitting. Together with him the height of the monument is 1.8 meters. It was erected in 2003.

The monument slab is made of black granite, on which the name and dates of life of the deceased are carved. The slab has the effect of aging, which is implemented due to the cleavage effect on one side of the slab. A bronze angel grieving for the dead is sitting on a granite monument. He is designed as a small child-angel, crying and wiping away a tear from his cheek. He is a symbol of purity and righteousness of the person buried in this grave: as if an angel came down from heaven to mourn his passing.

Black granite covers the whole territory of the monument. Only a small portion of the land directly by the tombstone is not closed for the convenience of flowers location.

The monument doesn't have a fence, there is only a low curb, also made of granite, it is a visual barrier of the monument. The general concept of the monument is very concise by using a single material - granite. A little angel brings a special meaning to the project and makes it unique.