Gravestone construction

A large-scale memorial, the base of which is made of tombstone granite of a strict shape. Beside it there is a dove symbolizing the spirit. It encircles the tombstone from front and back side. The dove is made from white cast stone, contrasting the gravestone black granite. A large pot set next to a gravestone on a dark pedestal is made of the same material.

The tombstone project was created as an individual project, as a part of the composition. Instead of granite or marble pavement, the grave platform is covered with light fine crushed granite, emphasizing the depth of the dark tombstone symbolizing the grief of relatives. In the center of the grave there is an open section of land.

The project also includes a table and benches situated in one corner of the grave. They are made of forged metal, for the comfort coated with wood material. On the base of dark stone there is a fence, also made in the artistic forging technique.