Gravestone in Mitino

Monument erected for two women in 2001 in Mitino, Moscow. The family decided to order a gravestone for dead people buried there, in the same grave. The monument is made in classical style and includes a black granite slab with an arched vault, extended to the base. Names and dates of life of the deceased and and epitaph are carved there. The top of the headstone is made of bronze plate.

The bronze pad is a circular relief depicting a mother holding a baby, which is symbolic of the grave. Tinted silver adds brilliance and significance to the bronze relief.
The area of the grave is covered with tiles made of black granite. Only a small portion of the land is not covered with tiles - at the base of a gravestone - for convenient arrangement of flowers. The base is made from the same granite, it is a low curb without fences, which frames the entire area of the grave.

The height of the headstone is 1.9 meters.