Gravestone in Satka

This tombstone is a part of the ensemble of burials in Satka in the Urals. This is a relatively large area of the burial where there is a headstone, a table with benches and a flower bed.

The tombstone consists of 4 pieces created in the same style: slabs of different heights with a sloping top, made of white marble. They are arranged with an edge to the center, and each of them has its own concept. Each slab is framed with tempered glass inserts on both sides. Tempered glass is also used as an insert in the center of one of the slabs. This insert is in the form of a classical cross. Other white marble slabs contain: a portrait, dates of life and the name of the deceased on one, an emblem on another, a carved landscape on the third. Manufacturing of monuments of this style is relatively rare for this region, so this tombstone is unique in its kind.

At the burial site there is a table with two tall vases, three benches - all made of white marble, of which the headstones are made. From the same material a low curb is made, enclosing a flowerbed, also tiles and a fence of a mosaic form. The entire territory of the monument is strewed with white pebbles.