Gravestone monument

In this case the client decided to order a family burial monument. It was decided to create a project in the form of a split slab of black granite, where in a split a tree “grows” as a symbol of eternal memory. It also symbolizes the force capable of splitting the granite massif into two. The relief in the form of a tree is made of bronze, its branches and leaves stretch across the surface of a slab of granite, contrasting with its blackness. This design concept is successfully combined with the natural environment.

Between the branches of the bronze tree the names and years of life of the buried are inscribed on a granite slab. The height of the monument is 2.3 meters.

The whole area is covered with black granite, of which the tomb monument itself is made. The design of this burial is made in classic-style décor.

Fences are made with artistic forging, in the same simple style. A classical pattern of fencing is used.
The monument was erected in 2006.