Gravestone to a surgeon

A monument to a surgeon was installed at the cemetery of the city of Pushkin, in the suburbs of Moscow. It is made of large slabs of white marble. Monuments of marble, especially white rocks, stand out with their beauty and have high strength. That is why white marble is the ideal material to create sculptures and sculptured busts. This is done in this tomb - a bust of the deceased is carved in white plate array. Under the bust an epitaph to the deceased is carved.
During his lifetime the deceased was a surgeon, in this form his family wanted to commemorate him. The importance of his profession embodies the same white marble, used as a tomb. Its whiteness is comparable to purity and crisp white operation overalls. A surgeon during his lifetime, the deceased still hasn't taken off his doctor's clothing, embodied in a white stone. The need to emphasize the importance of his work created the desire to order a monument project in this variation.
The monument stands on a base of black granite. Name and dates of life of the deceased are carved on the granite slab, leaning forward from the base. Nearby there is a cascade of large flowerpots made of black granite.
The height of the monument is 2.2 meters, it was installed in 1998.