Memorial complex

A big memorial complex created for several generations. It belongs to"exclusive monuments" category as it is created for a special project comprising skillful mastery of artistic forging.

A large cross typical of Christian burials is selected as a monument. But, unlike the conventional ones, it is made by combining two materials: a natural stone from which the so-called "frame" in the form of the Christian cross is created, and metal that fills this frame with artfully created pattern of artistic forging. Thus the author managed to combine two opposite qualities - solidity and weightlessness. Indeed, the decision to use the artistic forging has made the monument visually light, almost transparent.

The monument was created as a part of a large memorial complex fenced with chains. Metal chains and balusters installed in dark marble borders, are an extension of the decision to use metal directly for the tomb. And if other monuments are fenced with more solid fences, the chains on the one hand wall the memorial complex, and on the other are a part of the design concept.