Memorial complex

This sculptural monument is a combination of three materials and three work techniques. Its base is a classical slab of black granite. Then there is a bust carved out of white marble, and a bronze relief. The monument is 2.4 meters high and was erected in 2006.

A large slab is a kind of background for the whole ensemble. Its upper part is processed in the form of rough natural cleavage, so this tombstone has an irregular shape, with no clear geometric lines. An epitaph to the deceased is carved on the slab.

In addition to the granite headstone, there is a sculptural monument in the form of a bust with arms carved out of white marble. It contrasts with the main background and stands out in general perspective, demonstrating the importance of the deceased during his lifetime and after his death. Such monuments of marble are relatively rare, only outstanding personalities are honoured by them.

The composition ends with a bronze relief located on the front panel of a granite slab. It shows the sea, rocks and a submarine - a part of life of the deceased.
Located next to the tomb are a table and benches made of black granite. The monument is surrounded by a forged fence mounted on a granite base.