Memorial complex at Vagankovsky cemetery in Moscow

The monument is made of light-colored marble. It is a monolithic construction with straight geometric lines and a curved arch. The monument project is designed with an emphasis on Christian faith: at the gravestone top there is colored Theotokos, and in the center of the monument a cross is inserted. The cross made of glass installed manually and is turquoise with partial transparency, which makes the construction lightweight, despite its thoroughness.

The design of this monument considers not only the marble tomb, but also the architecture around it. A marble construction on either side of the monument serves as a fence. It is not only an architectural structure, but also serves as a bench. Marble of different breeds and colors was used for it, making it original.

On both sides of the gravestone large marble flowerpots are placed, towering low square columns, also made of marble. Fidelity to this material in the manufacture of the monument made it perfectly concise, restrained, and maintaining the exclusivity of the design.