The monument was created from a combination of two materials and styles. First, it is black granite and white marble, and second, the combination of classical forms and artistic creation of natural stone. The height of the monument is 2.2 meters. It was erected in 2001.

The basis of the monument is a slab with a curved arch made of black granite. It is a classical production of monuments and gravestones of solid black granite. A cut through arch adds originality to it, narrowing to the back side of the slab, as if in the perspective. This technique visually expands the stone slab.

The particularity of this monument is a shroud bird on a background of an arch carved into the granite slab. It's like it flies out of the window, rushing to heaven for eternal life after soothing the soul. The bird was made of white marble. It contrasts with the background black granite stone, symbolizing the crystal clear, snow-white soul soaring into the sky. Marble monuments take the shape given by the artist, so this bird took smooth lines and tender shapes.

The monument is surrounded by small fences, created by artistic welding.