Monument in Rostov

Monuments of stone take a special place in this area of art. Manufacturing of monuments of this style involves the use of natural beauty and originality of the stone relief. This quality is embodied in the gravestones erected at the cemetery in Rostov.

They are memorial burials to two different people made in a similar style. One of the monuments is in the form of a large stone, which preserves the pristine texture. The main part was not processed, retaining its natural relief. The stone block only was shaped like an irregular cone. On the front side of the monument two small areas underwent resurfacing, on one of which the name and years of life are inscribed, on the other there is an epitaph. Like the tombstone itself, these areas have an irregular shape.

The second tombstone consists of two parts. The base if a stone block of small size, also largely unpolished. The front part underwent smoothing, the name and dates of life of the deceased were engraved on it. A metal cross made by artistic forging is placed on the top.