Monument reconstruction

Monument to a girl who passed away prematurely. The family decided to order an exclusive tombstone capable of perpetuating her memory forever. It is located at Danilovsky cemetery in Moscow.

The monument was created as an individual project. The original concept was to create a silhouette of the dead girl inside a large granite slab. To perform this, an arbitrary shape free of geometric edges was given to a slab of black granite in order to to give it lightness and weightlessness. Inside this plate a full-length silhouette of the girl is engraved, coinciding with the silhouette of the deceased during her lifetime.

A view of the city of Venice is recreated on an array of a granite slab as a backdrop, located behind the silhouette. This city was a favourite place of the deceased. A relief showing the best views of Venice is made if silver-bronze. It also has the name of the deceased and the dates of her life. 

The family had decided to order the monument as a complement to a gravestone already existing in close proximity. Thus it became a part of a small memorial and its installation was performed by the method of reconstruction. The monument is 2.4 meters in height.