Monument to a scholar

Leonid Mazikh (1954-2012) was a theologian, philosopher, teacher, science editor of biblical anthologies, author of the play Riding on a lion. All his life he studied history of civilizations and religions, brilliantly taught at universities in Russia, CIS, Baltic States and Israel. Bible scholar, polyglot, researcher of Kabbalah and Freemasonry, broad-minded man, he knew how to talk in the most fascinating way about difficult things and tirelessly led his students to constant learning and further study of the important topics.
Books were the main source of knowledge for Leonid Mazikh - in different languages, from different periods, in different areas of science. His enormous library was constantly updated with new volumes, and he returned again and again to his favourite books. The name of the center for Jewish Studies "Sefer", one of the founders and a member of the Academic Council of which was Leonid Mazikh, is translated as "book".


The tombstone is a rectangular block of black granite with cast stone books located on the same horizontal slab. Scattered in the apparent disorder are books - the most important ones: those that Leonid had worked on, those that he had studied, and those that he read and re-read. Books are also reflected in the vertical granite slab, creating the effect of full surround image: books are outside and in the inside of the Master. The names on the cover, the words on the open pages give an idea about the scholar's interests and achievements.