Tombstone for a dog

Not only humans are important to relatives and friends. Pets sometimes take up much more space in hearts and souls than many people. Therefore, the death of a beloved pet is also a tragedy. So the desire to erect tombstones for pets is justified.
This monument is dedicated to a dog and is located in a private ownership, where once this gorgeous mastiff lived. It includes a tombstone for two dogs buried here, and a sculpture of the dog in full length during its life. Its height is 1.8 meters and it was erected in 2002.
The black granite slab, like the color of this dog, is in the background and contains a nickname and date of the dog's life. In addition a portrait of the dog in the supine position is engraved on the slab. Beneath it there is a date of life, a nickname and a portrait of another dog, equally important to the owners.
In the foreground there is a sculpture of the dog in its full size. It is made of bronze and then painted in the exact coloring of the dog during its lifetime.