A couple

The art form chosen by the sculptor for his variation on the theme of "man and woman - a series of reliefs - enabled him to create the visuals that unfold as an eventful narrative and at the same time have symbolical undercurrents. The twists and turns of interpersonal relations are represented in several separate episodes. Each image is not just an illustration - it provokes thought and provides insights into the drama ("We Should Part Ways", "United Against an External Threat", "It's Time to Go to My Wife"), the period of quiet joy ("The First Month", "Merging into Each Other", "Thinking about My Beloved", "Dreams") or the triumph ("Now You Are Mine", "A Star Couple", "Five Years Together Already"). The composition of the reliefs is pivoted around the rhythmic effects of crisp lines and the borders of big colour spots - closeups of fragments of the faces. The technique similar to cinematic makes every episode autonomous like a sequence in a film but at the same time contextualises it as a part of the grand conversation about love and its numerous manifestations - the attendant mise-en-sc nes. The deliberate asceticism of the visual language enables the sculptor to introduce symbolical overtones into the material texture and, so, to inject a universal meaning into an individual story. Of all the varieties of relief techniques, the sculptor chose low relief similar to sgraffito. The lightness of form and expressiveness of the delicate lineaments he achieved, too, lend to the imagery symbolic overtones. Solidity of the neat spots representing faces prevents the reliefs from excessive soaring lightness inappropriate in sculpture. The diagonal rhythms and resounding pauses form the dynamics of the evolution of the theme - the eternal, incognizable dialectics of love.

Brief annotations to the image:

A COUPLE is one of the perennial narratives in art, based on the fundamental antinomy at the core of the dialectics of human existence - man and woman bound together by love. Articulated in an art (literature, visual art], the theme of interpersonal relations serves as a binder uniting the oppositions such as "particularity - universality" and "specificity - symbolism" into one dialectic whole. Love proves to be a complex process, and its individual turns can either bring reward or exact a payment.