Adrian and Akiva

Creating this double relief, the sculptor was inspired by the book of Leonid Mazikh - "Riding on a Lion." Adrian and Akiva were both outstanding representatives of their people. Two fragmentary reliefs are evoking the feeling of tension common throughout the history of relations between the Roman and the Jewish people. A viewer is shown the hot temper of Emperor Adrian who created the pantheon of gods in Rome and built the temple of Olympian Zeus in Athens. He conducted the policy of strengthening the Roman empire. On the other side there is the greatest Jewish sage and thinker Rabbi Akiva. He went the way up from a simple shepherd to the greatest teacher (the number of pupils reached 25,000 people), a member of the Sanhedrin in Yavneh, he spoke 70 languages. He supported the revolt of Bar Kochba mistakenly recognizing the Messiah in him. In this double relief Ivan Korzhev is thinking about the confrontation of nations, the roots of these struggles, their history and destiny.

Material: Casting stone

Dimensions: 95 cm Х 82 cm