Alexander Glikman (outstanding Russian architect)

A sculptural portrait of an outstanding modern Russian architect A. Glickman is made of artificial stone. We see an image of a creator of spaces and their designer. The sculpture does not resemble a "sculpture on order", there is no pageantry, no solemnity inherent to custom sculptures. We see a creative person who is not only full of knowledge about the history of art and architecture – we see the strength of the creator of the world today. A mature master image is seen in the sculptural portrait. Monumentality of form and size (2.5 natural) convey a feeling of integrity and depth of personality. The sculptor did not set the task to make a super realistic portrait of a contemporary master of architecture, the main challenge was to catch that inner fullness of one of the greatest architects of our time.

Dimensions: 66 x 38 x 42 cm