Confrontation. Amazonomachy

A series of 12 low reliefs with almost graphic outlines, on square plates, arranged into a complex composition, this is a self-contained work of art, each relief having a harmonious composition, accomplished rhythmic design and message. The visual impact of the reliefs stems from the delicate balance of form and void, the arrangement of lines and spots, the dynamics of the diagonal axes, the alternation of pointed and round forms, boldly cut edges, and a fragmentariness that accounts for the impression of a streaming flow of events. On the surface of the noble patinated bronze there are details and fragments of the forms shining with polish – they enhance the pictorial appeal with light effects and visualise the rasp of metal and the sounds of the battle. Taken together, the reliefs play up the theme of confrontation stated in the title with a nearly epic sweep and symbolism. The endless narrative of the battle preserves its panoramic feel in the fragments as well, enabling the viewer to appreciate the beauty of the physical exertion of battling bodies and to receive a charge of energy from the fight. Meanwhile, such a composition gives a chance to avoid a direct tragic face-to-face confrontation, to ward off this cruel reality of war. The ancient myth about the battle of the Amazons and giants provides an appropriate ground for symbolical musings on the perennial antagonism between the male and the female - and, at the same time, on the inseparability of the two.


Brief annotations to the image

CONFRONTATION is resistance, repulse. A conflict encompassing all main spheres of life and resolving itself in an overt aggression. Confrontation is intensely reciprocal. One of the famous stories of confrontation is Amazonomachy: the battle between the Greek heroes (Bellerophon, Heracles, Theseus, Achilles, etc.) and the Amazons. Amazonomachy became a symbol of hostility between the masculine and the feminine.