Don Guillermo

Shaman Don Guillermo's sculptural portrait was made from life. Don Guillermo is a spiritual leader of the tribe Shipibo living in the forests of the Amazon River in Peru. The Shipibo tribe is about three thousand years old. Their spiritual practices and experiences stem from the times of the Incan civilization. Don Guillermo trains shamans not only for his people but for everyone who has got a certain experience in spiritual traditions. Pupils of Don Guillermo on all continents of the world treat people and allow anyone to discover the secrets of mind. Don Guillermo is a shaman and teacher of the most supreme initiation called Mantreya.

The sculptor has conveyed the image of the great master in the way that a viewer could realize how huge is the spiritual energy of someone for whom there are no boundaries between invisible parallel worlds. Magic symbols of the Shipibo tribe are revealed in the sculpture through the items of clothing. Due to the original author’s decision the portrait sculpture is raised above the base. The narrow space between the base and the sculpture symbolizes alienation from oppressing material world (in our case it is the base, made of black metal). The image of the great magician of modern times, embodied in the modern sculptural portrait, is waiting for «pro et contra» of the audience.

Dimensions: height 210 cm, width 96 cm, depth 52 cm

Material: Сasting stone, Black metal.