Ivan Korzhev's well-known sculpture is dedicated to the expulsion of Adam and Eve - the first people according to the Bible - out of Paradise. As the Book of Genesis tells us, it happened after Adam and Eve, lured by the serpent, ate the fruit from the Tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil. This story on the one hand serves as a symbol of punishment for willfulness, and on the other it shows that Divine Providence is unpredictable, because as a result of a misdemeanor of the first people, other things were made possible: the covenant between man and God on Mount Sinai (according to the Old Testament and the Jewish tradition), and then (according to the Christian tradition) coming of Christ and the new evangelical covenant of love and humankind salvation.

The sculptor shows us the most dramatic moment of the biblical story, the moment of expulsion. Undercut gestures, restless figures – as if Adam and Eve in Korzhev's interpretation physically feel the wrath of God fallen on them... It is a didactic sculpture that would look good on private premises or in a public place.


Material: Casting stone.  Dimensions: 136x58x98