Falling man

Our world is a union of about 200 countries. Despite the formal borders between countries, humanity as a whole is superior to any territorial and national barriers and restrictions. People were createdbrothers regardless of religious beliefs, skin color, and national origin. Therefore, when any state chooses the path of nationalism, separation of itself from others, exaggeration of self-worth and a sense of superiority, this state is doomed to fall.
This contemporary sculpture by Ivan Korzhev warns that even strong and powerful - like a figure of the depicted man - countries, by choosing nationalism as their ideology inevitably approachdestruction. Family and friendships bonds are torn apart, reasonable comprehension of the world gets lost, negative qualities are manifested, and eventually a country in its loneliness gets similar to acompressed body that is losing support and balancing on toes.
This sculpture, relevant to contemporary events, is painted in the colors of the national flag of one country and shows vulnerability and danger of nationalist ideas and separation of itself from others.