This portrait is a generalized image of an individual belonging to a certain social group – a special milieu dominated by avaricious Mammon. The iconography of the image consisting of a high pilaster topped with a bust resembles that of ancient herms – emblematic pillars crowned with shoulder-length busts of gods (Hermes, Bacchus, Dionysus). The integrity of this type of composition combining architecture and sculpture, which initially had a functional usage (the herms were used as landmarks or signposts), is symbolical, defining the integrity of the world of people and the world of objects. The rigid hieratism and the triumphant symmetry give the image an aloof and distanced look, while the repeated bow-shaped lines of the folds of the collar enhance this impression. However, the head itself, with an expressive silhouette, sharpened forms, and the hard and dynamic modelling of the face indicate that the depicted person, far from being an absolute introvert, holds himself aloof for egoistic reasons. Far from humanistic, his engagement with the world is based on an abstract mercantile interest. The explanatory details, such as banknotes in the base supporting the bust and in the transparent pilaster, and coins all over the head instead of hair, serve as an entertaining guide across the terrain of allegorical meanings signalling the individual’s core value and his consciously chosen form of self-sacrifice.


Brief annotations to the image

INVESTOR (from the English ‘investor’) is a physical person or body corporate who invests (his/her own, borrowed or otherwise raised funds, resources, assets, intellectual products). Usually investors not simply invest a capital in a business venture like business persons but also make long-term investment into large-scale projects intended to bring about significant industrial, technical, technological changes.