Korzhev's copies of reliefs

The range of copied low reliefs, medals and high reliefs is very wide – from the Ancient Egyptian and Assyrian to the Hellenistic, Greek and Roman. It should be remembered that Korzhev’s copies are not exact replicas, look-alikes made by mechanic copying, casting, or taking a mold of original objects. Remaining maximally loyal to the size, techniques, composition, and stylistic features of the structure of forms in the original artwork, the sculptor nevertheless independently learns the basics of world art. This direct engagement with tradition on a tactile level should not be regarded as a purely learning exercise, because every round of copying challenges the artist to convey the spirit of the work, and such a goal cannot be achieved without emotional involvement, intelligent scrutiny, and contact with the system of values of a particular historical period. The sculptor applies a delicate patina very creatively, priming the viewer for contemplation of the images. The relief is not replicated but recreated after having been processed by a contemporary.


Brief annotations to the image

COPY is an artwork that accurately reproduces a previously created original and is accomplished either by the creator of the original or other artists. Techniques and size of the copy can differ from the original. Copies are intended as replacements of lost artwork, a learning exercise, etc. Unlike replica (a liberal mimicry by the maker of the original), copy should reproduce the size, the composition, the details, the style and the manner of the original. However, absolute likeness in sculpture can be achieved only by making a cast of the original.