Lying Ayauasco

Contemporary sculpture "Lying Ayauasco" is made with the use of bronze and black metal. The sculpture shows a brief state of internal and physical stress felt by almost every person who has experienced this practice. The bronze figure is a part of a two-portal sculpture. It shows the moment of the transition of a man when he is still conscious and feels this world, quickly and slowly sinking into other worlds. The sculpture is made in impressionist-realist manner. In this work the sculptor deliberately, even physiologically shows the muscles, ligaments, bones, which are impossible in the real person. By this the author showed the audience the state and the feeling of someone entering into the state of opening other worlds. The man feels those muscles and those nervous strain that can not be felt in the normal condition. An unexpected location of the sculpture view in low horizon gives the viewer an opportunity to see what is happening with the person as if from above, see the whole picture of tension and energy flowing in someone experiencing this practice.


Size: Height 82 cm, width 200 cm, depth 60 cm