Maximilian Voloshin

"You gave away and you are rich, but you are slaves of what you grudge to give"

A sculpture of Voloshin was created by the author to be installed in the park of the Voloshin's memorial house in Koktebel (Crimea). Creating a sculptural portrait, the author conveyed his current perception of the poet, artist, philosopher, thinker and a great man that Max was. By making a modern sculpture for the park, the sculptor not only added to the image all the facts about the poet known to us, but also tried to share all the great knowledge possessed by Voloshin on a more subtle, sensual level. Those ideas, knowledge that filled the poet and painter throughout his life, how they were reflected in his works, how he was changing, growing, sharing knowledge with the world, what conclusions he came to, and what attitude he acquired - the main task of the sculptor was to understand it all and to show in a sculpture of this great man.


Dimensions: 207 x 90 x 80 cm