Nikolay Novikov

A bust of Nikolay Novikov (1744-1818) who was a Russian writer and philanthropist. Frequently considered to be the first Russian journalist, he aimed at advancing the cultural and educational level of the Russian public. The sculpture created by Ivan Korzhev contains symbolic meaning. It shows the educator in the prime of life and social activity, as if growing out of books - the works which form the basis of the tradition that had nourished him, and continuing it. The book behind the sculpture, which serves as a background support, is the New Testament open on the first page of the Gospel of John. On the page there is the first line engraved in Church Slavic: "In the beginning was the Word." It symbolizes the achievement of Novikov's educational publishing and his religious-mystical way of a Christian, a Mason and a Rosicrucian - during the Rosicrucian assembly services and on the Altar of Vows Offerings in Masonic lodges the Bible, according to the ritual, is open on this page.


Material: bronze, granite. Dimensions: 109х63х54