Obelisk is a tapered monolithic pillar with a four-sided pyramid on top. Classic monolithic obelisks were known in the architecture of ancient Egypt, where an obelisk was a symbol of the sun. For centuriesobelisks have been erected in honor of victories and important events in the history of a state.

Ivan Korzhev's obelisk is a part of a modern sculpture composition consisting of five items.
On the obelisk's four sides, from top to bottom, the names of various ideologies (nationalism, liberalism, humanism, anarchism, etc.) and forms of government (republic, monarchy, dictatorship, etc.) are written in Russian. The names are duplicated in English. The pedestal of the obelisk depicts people, men and women, who keep on their shoulders the burden of the established forms of domination and power, as well as the interests of different social classes and groups.