Omar Khayyam

A bronze sculpture of Omar Khayyam (author’s favourite poet) who was a great scholar, philosopher, poet and thinker all in one person, portrays him reclining while chatting or declaiming poetry. The person he is talking to is our viewer. On the base, made of black metal, one can see poems selected by the sculptor. Each selected quatrain reveals a vital aspect that really speaks to the author. These aspects are the points of Ivan’s interest as well as answers to the eternal questions given by the great philosopher many years ago. Thanks to Omar Khayyam one can conclude that people stay the same either in the 21th century or a thousand years ago. The sculpture of Omar Khayyam gives an impression of joyful and positive attitude towards the current moment and life itself.

Despite the persecution, poverty and hardships that the great poet suffered during the last 30 years of his life, his poetry nowadays is a clue to deep perception of life. In his poems everybody reveals the joy of the moment and of the whole universe at the moment. This sculpture is full of love to the great poet who presented us an opportunity to see many things beyond our own mind. An attentive viewer is able to feel the energy relished by the sculptor into his art work.

Dimensions: height 197 cm, width 98 cm, depth 71 cm

Material: Bronze