Self portrait

The artist’s early work is remarkable as an exposure of his worldview and concept of individuality, which undoubtedly have had an impact on his later creative endeavours. Compositionally, the bust evokes the classical language of sculpture whereby portrait busts were placed atop chiselled round plinths. However, the portrait itself lacks the classic transcendental calm of an idealized character type. A cloudy forehead, puckered brows, the sharp lines of the nasolabial furrows, the tight-set jaw, and a tense, even worried look in the eyes betray inner doubts and relate the story of an individual still in the process of formation. This unconsummated, incomplete biography of a moment implies a further tendency towards constant exploration and emotional agility, and the desire of spiritual “work”. Within this sketched-out concept, an individual with a solid grounding in tradition must be something more than an interpreter: through learning, acceptance or refusal, he should move to a new synthesis of ideas, no matter how subjective.


Brief annotations to the image

SELF-PORTRAIT is a portrait of an artist made by this artist either in drawing or in painting or in sculpture. Self-portrait not only conveys the model’s distinctive features but also expresses his/her worldview, the artist’s approach to art and concept of individuality on the whole.