The statuary sculpture features a standing woman in the grip of inner shivers. Her state is eloquently conveyed with crossed arms, a lowered head with a cascade of hair and the body’s expressive posture whose unstable contrapposto makes the figure look like it is nervously shifting from foot to foot. Other structural and compositional features include emphatic sculptural imagery and moulding, with carefully crafted details which, as if yielding to the growing shiver, gradually transform the texture of the surface. A smooth texture morphs into an uneven one – vibrating, breathing, rich in light and dark effects, which is especially noticeable in the treatment of the arms: one is nearly calm, the other starts to twitch ever more stronger. This expressive interplay of textures is the feature that produces the strongest impact on the viewer’s emotions and imagination, and adequately renders the state of shiver. The outwardly-calm and self-enclosed form all of whose rhythmic lines curve inwards reveals a rich inner dynamic that conveys the model’s inexplicable agitation and excitement. The woman’s anxiety betrays her sensitivity, and the melancholic overtones created by the sculpture’s rhythms provoke in the viewer a response and sense of emotional involvement.


Brief annotations to the image

SHIVERING  is a tremble from the sensation of a cold at a fever  from an outside hard frost or illness. Sensitive, vulnerable people can feel the shivering in the condition of strong emotional excitation, excitement or a fright.