State of Mind

“State of Mind” is a series of Ivan Korzhev's twenty bas-reliefs, in which the artist pays tribute to  abstract sculpture. Each bas-relief is a separate artwork speaking about some human experience. Cold gray-green-purple "Resentment", orange (with the transition from bright colors to subdued) "Courage", gray "insincerity", harmonious pink-orange "Joy" as if pierced by sunbeams... Every image in this cycle is a sign, but not a well-known symbol, rather a starting point for the viewer's reflections: intersecting circles and color transitions of "Communion"; “Grief” like a stone dint in a broken wall... Without setting explicit frameworks, in this series Korzhev seems to be inviting us to empathize, experience joint reflection and co-creation.


Material: Casting stone.  The size of one of relief: 70x70 cm