Throne of Humankind

This contemporary sculpture, Throne of Humankind is one of the five objects of the sculptural series created by the author. The other four are: Totem Pole of Religions, Obelisk of Freedom, Sarcophagus of Humankind, Modern Icon. This philosophical series of sculptures was created as a reflection of the moment, to which humanity has come. Here, based on sacred objects used by all peoples of the world, we see their transformation, which the sculptor has passed through his perception of reality. At the core of each item are laid postulates with which societies elite govern nations. In Throne of Humankind the sculptor has portrayed the pyramid of values that is built on the basis of the consumer society of today. This is a statement of principles that we are surrounded by in everyday life. Just like in culture and art individual creators are replaced by epatage groups with curators - brand awareness, and not individuals, has penetrated into the mass consciousness and strengthened there. This sculpture is a panegyric to the consumer society, whose time will inevitably pass – the author is convinced.

The throne can be used as a park sculpture or interior item. It is universally applicable.

Dimensions: height 256 cm, width 72 cm, depth 61 cm

Material: Moulded stone.