Tyrannicides 21

This sculpture is a modern interpretation of the legendary story of Harmodius and Aristogeiton, which appeared in Ancient Greece. Their image was the prototype for Mukhina's "Worker and Kolkhoz Woman", a symbol of the Soviet era. Ivan Korzhev is a modern sculptor having the experience of living in the country of victorious tyrannicides as well as the experience of living in a world where international terrorism thrives – so this topic gets a new sound. We see two human figures with covered faces, dressed in the "unisex" style, featureless, with blank looks, asexual... One of the figures is holding molotov cocktails, the second may have already thrown his weapon and is threatening the Sky with his fist... Korzhev's philosophical sculpture shows us not only the horror of terrorism, but also its futility and its harmfulness both for its victims and supporters.


Material: Casting stone, granite.  Dimensions: 176x64x111