This bas-relief continues the theme of motherhood and maternal love as the highest human value embodied in numerous images of Virgin Mary with a Child - from icons, works of Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael up to works of artists of later times. Ivan Korzhev's interpretation of this theme becomes paradoxical. The heroine of this modern sculpture is a fragile young woman with a high forehead and hair brushed back, she is holding a baby. It makes her similar to some traditional images of Madonna and Child, but here the similarity ends. She is standing clearly posing with her left hand cuddling the baby almost casually, in her right hand there is a glass, apparently just emptied. She is dressed in modern clothes, a top and jeans. In the background there is a part of the wall and a window in which one can see some urban landscape. Does this woman understand what the duty of the mother is?.. What fate awaits her and her child?.. We see not just a collective image of our contemporary woman, in front of us there is a reflection on the relationship between feminism and maternal responsibility, as well as our responsibility for the future.


Material: Casting stone.  Dimensions: 157x102